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Cloud 9 Bicycle Seats 

8" Wide Gel
Cloud 9
Bicycle Seat

was $39.95    
Our Price $27.95

Multi-stage gelfoam comfort with center relief zone.
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11" x 11" Gel
Cloud 9
Bicycle Seat
11x11 Big Wide

was $49.95    
Our Price $39.95

Our most popular!! Measures a full 11” wide and 11” long!
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12" x 12" Gel
Cloud 9
Bicycle Seat
12" Comfort Seat

Was $59.95  
Our Price $48.95

Extra Large - Extra Support 12" x 12"  Coil Springs for added cushion.
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Extra Deep Relief Zone
Gel Seat

12 1/2" long x 11 1/2" wide

Our Price $49.95

For Larger Men and Women
Maybe Men 275lbs+ & Women 210lbs+ ?

  (And Tailbone Relief Seat)
With metal springs for more comfort - firmer than the 11".
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Extra Deep Relief Zone
Gel Seat



11" wide 

Our Price $45.95



The best choice for almost everyone.
With metal springs, and best cushioning, for most comfort.

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Extra Deep Relief Zone
Gel Seat
9" wide 

Our Price $41.95


With elastomer springs for more performance and comfort.

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Extra Deep Relief Zone
Gel Seat
7" wide

Our Price $37.95


A Woman's Sport Seat 
maybe less than 130 lbs.

No springs, more of a sport seat, but with more padding than the smaller sport seats.

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Extra Deep Relief Zone
Gel Seat
6" wide 

Our Price $34.95


A Man's Sport Seat 
maybe less than 180 lbs.

No springs, a sport seat with more nose control.

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